DAVE:  How many times do you leave a destination & someone says "did you see this or do that? And you stand there thinking ..."mmm, I didn't see any of that!"

Well that's Daves job! To give you some local knowledge and hopefully save some coin! Dave is a local and works alongside dozens of amazing local tourism operators who will share with you some of those amazing places that only the locals know! Working in Tourism for over 30 years, means he also has unrivaled  photos, videos & information to show people around!

But even better! He can help people first hand with information on enjoying the Australia experience without paying the "Resort" price tag, simply by knowing the lay of the land! 

You'll see little  tips &

comments from me

all throughout the site, doing my best to make sure you have "local" knowledge

ANNIE:  Anne our "soon to be" guide, will join the Ladies and offer solid shopping tips and access to the best holiday and day trip options from the Ladies perspective! From the best produce, whats on, to the fanciest boots!