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You won't believe your eyes as you round the corner into the small township of Pomona and see the eerie outline of Mount Cooroora,
it's more like a scene from "close Encounters"

Sitting on the edge of the pretty Noosa Hinterland town Pomona, is the Tuchekoi National Park which feature the majestic, Mount Cooroora, a 439 metre intrusive volcanic plug.

The foothills around the mountain can be explored on shared trails by walkers, horse riders and mountain bike riders.  Around the base of the mountain the hiking trail passes through tall open forest. As you walk upwards the plant communities change in height and species with woodlands and montane heath occurring around the summit. Tree species growing here include blackbutt, scribbly gum, bloodwood, casuarina, brush box, ironbark and tallowwood.  Exsul, is found only on Mount Cooroora.You may see glossy back and yellow-tailed black cockatoos feeding on she-oak seeds. At the top of the mountain, sweeping 360 degree views include the coastal lakes and dunes of Cooloola Recreation Area.

Mount Cooroora also plays host to the King of the Mountain Festival. (See above) The main event of the festival is an amazing footrace straight up the mountain which makes the iron men & women look like coach potatoes. It attracts participants from all over the world. Winners of the race complete the run to the summit in a little over 20 minutes. The first run by a local footballer to the top of the mountain occurred in 1958.

The Mountain Challenge race began in 1979 and has been run every year since. 
Beyond the first lookout point, a high level of fitness is required to walk to the summit. Your climb 439 m upwards over 1.5 kms! There are steep, rocky sections, multiple stairs and chain rope climb sections. The last 30 m to the top of the summit is a rough scramble without chains. 

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